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    Witches Law:

    THEREFORE, IT IS ORDAINED that none shall use the Art in any way to harm anyone or even wish them ill. However much they may injure us, HARM NONE, and may the Christians forget that we exist.

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    The Darkness [Llywelyn]
    There is a darkness that pervades all creation. It is the anti-matter to love, hope, creativity, and passion. It is a negating force that dissipates your hopes and dreams. It is blackness at the core of the Earth?s psyche with roots reaching down and far back in time. It is a force that wants all the noise, and laughter, light and love to just stop. If you?ve ever felt depressed to the point of numbness, you have felt the grip of this darkness. It is a darkness that is blacker than night
    On Grief: Beacons of Light in the Shadows [Sage Runepaw]
    There is no avoiding it, no matter what we do to dance around it as we are so often inclined to as we journey through this life. That gut-wrenching recognition that suddenly that small or large light in your life is absent, that smiling face or friendly phone call or email is no longer present. One of your loved ones is dead.Hit like a sledgehammer to your guts, it often throws you into an internal surrealism in which your world is suddenly different outside of your own creation-
    To Know, to Will, to Dare... [Nicky Woodsprite LeBlanc]
    To Know...to Will...to Dare...to be Silent. These four actions comprise The Witches' Pyramid, also known as The Four Pillars of the Witch's Temple. It is the capacity to embrace these four actions and use them wisely that makes any act of Magick possible. Until very recently, this was just a statement I had memorized and could issue forth if asked, and quot;What is The Witches' Pyramid? and quot; and quot;Oh! To Know, to Will, to Dare, and to be Silent. That is The Witches' Pyramid! and quot; I?d heard it mentioned in a c
    A Gathering of Sorcerers (A Strange Tale) [Iain Quicksilver]
    The tale-finder had traced the story as far as a small tavern in a remote village. Quaffing his ale, he greeted the other guests and, after a customary exchange of pleasantries, asked if anyone present had heard the story Hob told of a midnight gathering of sorcerers. There was some chuckling, and then a giant of a man sitting in the corner replied that he knew the tale, or knew of it. ?It isn?t much of a story, ? he began. ?This farmhand Hob, in some stead over the river, was about to h
    Thoughts on Cultural and Spiritual Appropriation [MoonWillow WhiteStorm]
    Have you seen them? Those people who proclaim, and quot;I've had Native Shamanic Training and quot; with an annoying amount of 'authoritive pride'. Oh, by the way, they've also trained as a Druid, Wiccan, and Taoist! and quot;It's basically all the same thing. and quot; Or are you one of those? If you are- you are the one who makes me cringe so hard it hurts! Why? Because it is not all the same!We've all heard of the cultural appropriator. Is it cultural appropriation to use a smudge stick? No. Is it cultural appropriati
    The Pagan Cleric [Alfred Willowhawk, DMsc, RMT, CTM, Shaman]
    I have often been asked what is pagan clergy? It?s a good question on many levels. For those who have been in the ?craft? for a long time and are considered Priestesses and Priests, how is it different and how is it the same? IntroductionI remember when all I had to contend with was the twenty or so individuals of my local group. Lady Willo and I taught them, loved them, nurtured them, laughed with them, cried with them, led rituals with them and watched them grow and chan

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