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The man who stands at a strange threshold,
Should be cautious before he cross it,
Glance this way and that:
Who knows beforehand what foes may sit
Awaiting him in the hall?

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Before you can attempt to answer the questions you have about the spiritual beliefs of the Native American people you must first decide who exactly it is you are talking about, and the answer to the question of ?Who are the Native Americans?? really depends on who you ask.From a literal perspective, ?Native American? would seemingly refer to any and all of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and include the ancient native peoples of North, South and Central America. But trying to defi

I walked through the meadow with grace, toes brushing the long, wavy grass. Soft, golden sunlight warmed my skin. My face was uplifted to the clear, dimming sky. A gentle breeze ruffled my hair. And then I saw it, there, between the trees. The shadow. Eyes glowing red and piercing, it seemed to stare straight into the core of my being. I jerked myself out of my meditative state so fast I felt like I had spiritual whiplash when I opened my eyes. I didn't meditate again for a month.Nothing

Dreams are the pathway into past lives, but they are also a means for the mind to subconsciously work through everyday problems. People can sometimes remember the last dream they had before waking, but it is not the only dream they experience throughout the night. As the body recharges its energy through sleeping, the dreams determine what type of energy that will be: negative or positive.When enough negative energy builds up, dreams can reflect the darkness through terrifying nightmares

Sometimes dreams are just dreams, but often they are more telling. We just need to take the time to learn from them. The first step is remembering what was dreamt, and though they may elicit strong feelings of emotion, they are not always easily remembered once awake. If memory serves you well, you must then reflect on the meanings. Good or bad, there could be many meanings associated with a single dream. Some say that dreams are where we receive our best education. I believe this is true if we

I am very much a child of Autumn, As a child, even in the later years, this was a time of fun for during school we had a mile walk to the old manor house that formed the biology, pottery and art block? that walk around the school sports fields and into the woods so vibrant in spring with bluebells and primroses, to the fullness of summer, autumn became that amazing time of changing colour of conkers to be collected to be pickled or baked, the great piles of leaves blown hither and thither, to be

The Samhain Druidic Labyrinth Walk in Avebury was a wonderful experience with a friendly and magickal atmosphere. Before the ceremony took place, those wishing to attend (both druids and people interested in their culture, and also a few wiccans) gathered at the Red Lion Pub, which is very warm and welcoming with good service. There is seating inside, but those attending the walk were mainly seated outside on benches, chatting, playing music and just having a nice time. At 7 o'clock we g

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