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    If you find a friend you fully trust
    And wish for his good-will,
    exchange thoughts,
    exchange gifts,
    Go often to his house.

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    Laura Faught [Rowen Earthchild]
    Laura or and quot;Laurie and quot; as she liked to called and I were friends for a long time. She passed from this life on October 2, 2014. She lived in Fifty-Six Arkansas. I am shocked and saddened by her passing She was a practicing Pagan when I knew her. I don't know if she still was at the time of her passing. I can still remember the day we met. She was working at the Exxon gas station here in town and I stopped by with a friend of mine who had asked me to buy him some cigarettes. Laurie was working
    A Microcosmic View of Ma'at [Rev.Roman Delgado]
    Note: Here I write about Ma?at and I use the both the Egyptian terms for Gods (Netjeru) and the English words Gods and goddesses interchangeably. I do the same with the words of Order and Chaos and its Egyptian counterparts Ma?at and Isfet. In my own exploration into Kemeticisim and the many flavors of Egyptian Paganism I have come across a term that fascinates me, mostly because of its subtle complexity. That is the Egyptian Concept of Ma?at. In Egyptian Religion, the Goddess Ma?at is t
    Thoughts on Conjuring Spirits [Crick]
    When one incorporates Ceremonial magic into their practice they are in essence, engaging in the art of connecting with spirits. I personally believe that there is a misconception of such a practice in today's society. There is the belief that such a pursuit is endorsed primarily by those who engage in Black Magic. As an old school witch, I frequently engage denizens from the spirit world. I do this as a useful mode of understanding and enlightenment without the connotation of evil that h

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