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    I know a seventeenth:
    if I sing it,
    the young Girl will be slow to forsake me.

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    Magick and Consequences: My Experience with Sigils [Wimsaur]
    Some time last September, I started reading Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine. The core of this book is Chaos Magick. Essentially, Chaos Magick is a system of magick that allows for believing in whatever you want for the purpose of manifesting your desires. If you want to cast a love spell, then it pays to believe in a Love Goddess such as Aphrodite. If you want to reign down destruction on your enemies (assuming you have enemies) , then Mars, the God of War should by your deity. And, if you w
    What to Do When the Spell/Ritual Flops [The Redneck Pagan]
    Picture this: a quite, beautiful full moon night in September. The air is warm and the leaves are changing and you can hear them rattle against each other as you step outside into the night. You have your list in hand, your supplies have been gathered and you have learned the ritual inside and out. You go to a spot in the yard, and set up your altar and prepare yourself. You cast your circle; you follow the script to perfection, not omitting a single word. You then close your circle, leave your
    Being a Worrisome Witch [Cupcake]
    It is an inevitable fact that we all get uneasy and anxious from time to time due to a lot of the obstacles that come along from being human. But for many, this anxiety is constant and meanders its way into your thoughts to the point where every waking moment is a struggle. Everyday activities can become more difficult, the spiritual path being one of those activities. Anxiety comes in all sorts of forms and affects us differently but among the many traits of anxiety is ruminating thoughts a
    Don't Talk Yourself Out of Trying Something New! [Nicky Woodsprite LeBlanc]
    Many of we Pagans find the most rewarding parts of walking this path to be the many ways it helps us expand ourselves and grow as individuals. That?s not usually the thing that originally draws us to the Pagan path, but it comes as a pleasant discovery we make along the way. I like thinking of it as being a wonderful gift we find as we are traveling along not even looking for a gift. One day we look, and there it is! It?s a gift we can see by looking into a mirror; it?s the gift of a new and imp
    Mathew [Jon "Athrawon" Edens]
    Mathew, who has completed his studies, shown the willingness and aptitude to be both a student and a leader, was properly prepared, anointed, and marked, and having taken the appropriate vows was made a Witch and a Priest in the Blackberry Tradition on April 14, 2014, under the watchful eye of the Ancients.Mathew has been attending the Blackberry Circle rituals and has been a student for over a year. Over this time he has taken the initiative to not only help with the public rituals and
    The Star Child [Stewart Bitkoff]
    The people suffered. Long had it been a time of fear and darkness. All of the old ways had been tested and each failed. Greed consumed the lawmakers and Masters of Business. Their decisions turned against them and the once great structures of finance and service lay in the ashes of burnt dreams.Day-IAfter the collapse of government and halls of finance, the Generals took control and worked toward order. Gradually, goods and services were restored. However, this system too was fil
    The Oak King's Domain (A Story) [Artemis Cloud]
    Cernunnos, Oak King, Green Man, Pan. All are names of the great ruler of the Earth and forests of humanity's home. Back in the times of old, it was more clear for us to witness and communicate with Him, for there was not so much disillusionment before the times of Salem nor was there nearly as much fear to explore what we do not understand. And so here we will journey back into the times of old, before life became so complex and full of distrust.The Green Man walked the firm, padded path
    A Pagan Perspective on Easter [Nicky Woodsprite LeBlanc]
    I let the people I am close to and wish to share things of importance with know that I am Wiccan. If they ask and quot;What's that? and quot; I give a brief response because I know how short people's attention spans can be. I usually say that it's a nature-based religion; we believe the Divine is present in all things, and we also believe in both God and Goddess. If a person wants to know more, s/he asks, but most just smile and say something about that sounding like a nice thing. Sometimes a person will smile,
    Morality and Controversy in the Craft [Wise Woman of Greenville]
    I have seen several articles recently about child sexual abuse in the craft. Though I cannot speak to the people supposedly involved in these practices, I can speak to my own take on the issue and issues like it.I am a solitary practitioner. I have only within the last couple of years been reaching out to others who are like-minded about how the craft should be taught. I believe that this is something that is personal to each of us who follow these paths. But there is a glaring reality t

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