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    Let a man with his guests be glad and merry,
    Modest a man should be";
    But talk well if he intends to be wise
    And expects praise from men:
    Fimbul fambi is the fool called ";
    Unable to open his mouth.

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    Did I Just Draw Down the Moon? [Lola Stardust]
    I have read about it. I even discussed it with my coven leaders, but I never thought it would be something I could actually do. Not because I don?t believe in it, but because I thought my magic wasn't formed quite yet for that kind of invocation.So first, before I tell you what happened, let?s talk a bit about ?Drawing Down the Moon?. From what I understand, it happens when you request the Goddess to speak through you and you go into a trance-like state. I read that it is usually done by
    The New Jersey Finishing School for Would-Be Glamour Girls and Boys [Deborah Castellano]
    Waiting to get my nails did and a lady just walked in wearing a floor length mink coat over a track suit. Also: SO MUCH JEWELRY. ALL THE (YELLOW) GOLD JEWELRY. New Jersey, I love you. Never change.? -- a text received by me from Ms. K, the ex-opera singer.I can never sleep this close to a holiday. I run in my sleep like a dog, turning fitfully and dreaming about missing teeth. Our bedroom has just enough space for our bed, two bedside tables and my vanity table crammed in the corner. The
    Astrological Ages and the Great Astrological End-Time Cycle [Robert]
    The current patriarchal idea concerning a great battle between good and evil, the Apocalypse, was drawn from an older matriarchal idea associated with the very early myths of the Triple Goddess, the Mother Goddess as a trinity. She was at once purity and innocence, passion and maturity, and old age and death. They encompassed the mythic colors of white for innocence, red for sexuality, and black for wisdom and death. They were expressed in the yearly cycle through the four seasons, as well as in

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