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    If you must journey to mountains and firths,
    Take food and fodder with you.

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    My Concept Of Grey [MoonWillow WhiteStorm]
    Lately I have been thinking on what balance means to me. I find myself using a 'grey zone' reference quite often. I don't like extremes. Funny thing is though- grey is basically defined by the extremes around it. The image of a spectrum is an odd thing. It always seems to manifest in a scale. 'Light' or 'white' on one side, 'dark' or 'black' on the other, and a myriad of greys in between. But this 'slider scale' seems inherently wrong to me. It's too one-dimensional, flat, and lifeless for the e
    Historiolae: The Spell Within the Story [Jack Campbell]
    We don?t tell enough stories these days. When a child is sick, we give him/her medicine and tell him/her to lie down and watch TV, hoping they will then fall asleep. Even as a couple, a wife or husband similarly leaves the other to recover while lying down on the couch or in bed with a TV on. There?s nothing wrong with this, but there is also something we miss: the telling of the tale. People like telling stories. We enjoy the attention we get from others as they listen to our stories. F
    Choosing to Write a Shadow Book [Ceru]
    I started keeping a spiritual notebook when I was about fourteen years old. Mostly it recorded my dreams, thoughts and sketches from nature. The book itself was just an old record book I found in a drawer. It had three hundred pages and took over a year for me to fill it up. I didn?t really think of the book as magickal but I did keep it close, private and imagined that maybe a future child would find it and learn something. Reasons To WriteI was most inspired to write whe

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