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Wiccan Rede:

When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss you on the mouth.
When the wind whispers from the West, all hearts will find peace and rest.

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During May Day, Midsummer?s Solstice, Samhain or at any ?tween time or in any ?tween place, this journey will aid those who wish to meet a Faery, communicate with one and take from it a very special message. This journey will take about thirty-to-forty minutes. The Fae will, after your journey, know you a bit more and may take an interest in your mundane and magical lives. For certain your seasons will be more colorful and more filled with joy and laughter that just cannot be held back. Of cours

In recent days there has been a trend of people stating they are ?spiritual and not religious?, wrongly assuming that ?spirituality? and ?religion? are necessarily opposite terms.It is also observed that the words ?magick? and ?witchcraft? are being commonly used to refer to what people call ?occult practices? with the word occult meaning obscure or hidden, even though these are in reality spiritual practices and are no longer secretive in today?s world.It is also quite often tha

The late afternoon sun gently illuminates the inside of my little greenhouse. The shadows of strawberry, cabbage, broccoli, bell pepper, celery, brussel sprouts reach long across the soil, stretching to touch the far wall. Dappled light dances across the windows, the pattern of elderberry leaves painting themselves on the glass. My fingers reach to pick chickweed gingerly from between the vegetables, and I breathe in the silence. A peace resounds from within this small structure, and pulsates in

Spring is here for a lot of folks. With that we start in on those household chores to deep clean windows, behind the fridge, the gardens and all those areas we don?t usually frequent. Now if you are old enough you?ll remember back to the Bewitched show and how Samantha could just wiggle her nose and the chores would be done. Wouldn?t that be nice! For us though, we have to take a more hands-on approach. That being said, why not make it fun and also clean out some of the negative builds up

Each quarter, my coven mates and I work on a different element for that time frame. When I first became a dedicant to my coven, I started working with Earth. My sun sign, Capricorn, is an Earth sign, and I am a very earthy person when it comes to the importance of stability and being grounded. This is by far my favorite element to work with. I envisioned myself as an Earth Goddess, sitting atop a mound of dirt, nursing the children of the planet, my round naked breasts and full belly out for all

The four classical elements; earth, wind, fire, and water, all make up human beings in some capacity. Everyone has parts of each element in them. Sometimes people can suffer an imbalance from one of them, or perhaps they want to get in tune with a certain element. Maybe they would love to bond with the elements themselves, in general. These spells serve as a guide to bond your spirit with them.I want to note that hair is required in all these spells. This is because hair is a very compon

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