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    Witches Law:

    With love and worship in their hearts
    the Witches shall raise power from their bodies (and the elements around them), and they shall offer this power to the Gods
    so that the Gods may help their Witches.

    Witchvox - RSS Feed - News from the Nest

    The New England Covens of Traditionalist Witches (NECTW) [Ash McSidhe]
    Gwen Thompson (1928-1986) , a hereditary Witch from New Haven, Connecticut. It is with the utmost respect that the Elders of the NECTW dedicate this essay to the loving memory and the living Tradition of Gwen Thompson. Gwen's impact on the development of the Craft today is undeniable. She is most widely known as the source of The Wiccan Rede. Most Witches are familiar with the Rede, yet its origin is often shrouded in confusion.The Wiccan Rede first appeared in print in 1975 in
    Manipulation of the Concept of Witchcraft [Crick]
    Whenever I hear the urban legend that one who declares him/herself a witch and/or studies the mystical arts, particularly here in the USA, is a Neo Pagan, I think to myself; and quot;nonsense and quot;. The premise is that paganism and witchcraft somehow fell to the wayside until a particular individual and the religion that he created miraculously revived such beliefs. However let?s move on to reality. Witchcraft in its many forms has been amongst us since the first human took note of the many myste
    Broomstick to the Emerald City [Greenhammer]
    Pagans are purposeful and passionate with their motivations in life, and are also harmoniously allied with the true American ideals of freedom and liberty. Witches are heirs to the spirit of the American Constitution, so why are most of them trying to be invisible? Women and their stories are rarely in history books, yet they influenced everyone big names or little ones throughout Revolutionary history. Mothers, daughters, sisters and revolutionaries, their impact is not fully understoo
    When is Diversity Too Diverse? [Melantha]
    I just had another inquiry from a young lady looking for a coven to join. Since moving back to Minnesota, I've been a solitary practitioner. I briefly tried looking to start a Circle last fall but the only queries were from two mentally ill women. Witchcraft draws out the crazies...its true. This recent querent seemed and quot;normal and quot; enough upon her first message but after a few back and forths on Facebook, it came out that she doesn't have a driver's license, would have to get her mom to drive her to
    Pagans All Around Us [Sorbus]
    How many of you know we live in a world rich in Pagan practices and customs? Does it surprise you that an essay would be about this topic? Perhaps you?ve been listening to too many claiming to be in the societal mainstream using the media to complain, usually making the assumption that it is their values that are in danger of being lost. Yet many of those same values are based on Pagan ideas. Humans can be such illogical creatures. Philosophers and theologians may propose systems of thought and
    The Six Most Valuable Lessons I've Learned on My Path as a Witch [Northern Dreamer]
    I know, I know: who cares, right? Everyone's experiences, everyone's path, everyone's lessons are different- it's all based on where we came from and where we're going. But I refuse to believe that I'm the only one who has benefitted from these lessons, these self-discoveries, and I put them out there in the hopes that someone may read them, then smile softly and subtly to him or herself as they remember the truth of the lesson, whether painful or joyful, and when he or she learned it. I also ho
    Publicly Other: Witchcraft in the Suburbs [Deborah Castellano]
    I?ve never been a Witch in the woods. The thing is, to be a proper Witch in the woods, villagers have to know where you live (no) or you need to do a lot of festivals that involves camping (no) .I started my business in ye olde 2010 because I was going through a painful and messy divorce. Well, I started spinning yarn because I was going through a painful and messy divorce but I didn?t know how to knit or crochet and had zero desire to learn how to do either. I was strapped for cash and

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