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A snapping bow, a burning flame,
A grinning wolf, a grunting boar,
A raucous crow, a rootless tree,
A breaking wave, a boiling kettle,

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As the Sun King has returned I think on all that has happened the past solar year. It has been a year of much change for many others and me. Some apparently positive and some apparently negative. Of course as a Warrior of the New Millennium I attach no judgment to these changes. I have seen much evidence of release of the Piscean Age’s grip on the now Aquarian Age world. I can only truly speak for myself and as I sit here after Solar Return Day and my Birth Day I am truly blessed by All

Well, here we are. Samhain is past, and Yule is creeping up fast. Time to put up the pumpkins and skeletons and bats and other scary decorations for another year, and break out the Christmas stuff. Woohoo! This is my favorite time of year. Christmas trees, twinkling lights, images of Santa Claus and Father Christmas, ornaments, garland, and beautifully wrapped gifts. People are (usually) kinder this time of year – to everyone. It’s something in the air – the Christmas Spirit! But what is the and quot;Ch

This Yuletide Eve a mighty abyss was bridged, and the silver and tinsel-colored country sky of southwest Tennessee swelled into the young child’s nursery, making Tate (and all children) a part of the true, time-after-of-time, awe, wonder, and beauty of the Yuletide. The night was alive with prickly, dark, emerald-green holly leaves and their bright, crimson berries. And, there was less than an inch of crystalline snow polishing the last sheared fields of autumn. Everything was prismatic in the l

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